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Happy Happy Chemistry

Posted by ~PERMATA ISLAM~ Friday, August 27, 2010

My classmate ever said that :

     "Wednesday is happy happy chemistry class
     Then Thursday is tension-tension chemistry laboratory"

How it can be? Actually both happy happy happy chemistry class and tension tension laboratory are the same chemistry subject : COORDINATION

Wednesday, on early 8 am to 10 am, our lecturer PM Dr Mustaffa Ahmad give us coordination lecture with a very colourfull morning, full of laugh, crazily jokes and other words which point us to A HAPPY HAPPY CHEMISTRY CLASS

However, on thursday we must conduct practical with a little difficult, tension, and so on T____T
Its not so difficult experiment, but the rule gave to us especially finish the log book before enter class, report at the same time and also log book complete for the  undergoing experiment

During these lab also, my partner lab is a chinese student, which listed by lab instructor
She is good and well in chemistry, but some times i get pressure as she always compare our product, procedure with others -hmmmm

     Always remember her word during the first experiment : 
     Why ah, our product crystall doesnt look green as other?
     I replied : Insyaallah, its ok,we did the best and follow all the procedures, then look our sample also green.
     She said again : yes its green but ah, our green not as her green.... 
     Me : ???? - Erk, i think u should know that green have many type of green-hijau pucuk pisang, hijau  batang pisang, hijau pekat, dan hijau bla2....

Huarrghhhh, how i can face her like that always?? I know, why she is like that, she always want everything is perfect.. Never ever do any mistaken and the product produce must always correctly,accurately and precisely. I did't blame her : Human always like that.

And now, we all together untill now three experiment passed ^____^

However, im try my best do the experiment, with better product besides try my best to be patient with her, and be patience with the LOG BOOK and perfect report too! Because we are happy happy chemistry student with happy happy coordination class-Yeahhh

The best!



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